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In San Francisco for the first time, TEDxWomen 2013 will channel the bootstrap spirit of Silicon Valley to celebrate invention in all its forms. Not just technology and things, but also solutions to poverty; approaches to peacemaking; expressions of art, and, at times, our own lives.

TEDxParkCityWomen is one of 150 TEDx events around the world that will take part, sharing the livestream and presenting local speakers around the theme “Invented Here.” The result: A truly global conversation — from San Francisco to São Paulo to Seoul — celebrating inventors and designers; thinkers and makers; local problem-solvers and global leaders…

Please plan to arrive at 11:00 a.m.  Program times are 11:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Space is limited. All attendees must register in advance online or by calling 435-655-3114. Attendance is free to Members of Park City Institute. Memberships begin at $25 per person. Program location is St. Regis Deer Valley, 2300 Deer Valley Drive East, Park City, Utah.

The TEDxWomen livestream speakers have been announced. Click for details. Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 1.46.05 PM Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 1.46.20 PM Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 1.46.33 PM


“The dollar cost is minimal – you only need to be a member of the Park City Performing Arts Foundation – a $25 investment that is by itself worthwhile. The real investment is in your time and focus, because it is a long, fully-immersed day of provocative conversation and discussion. If you have been following the TED conferences and watch their videos, you’ll know what I mean. Consider it life therapy, career coaching and community bonding all wrapped into one day of inspiring and dynamic interactions with people of varied backgrounds. It takes a leap of faith, just like anything worthwhile.” - Mike Herring, former Park City resident & CFO, Pandora

All TEDxParkCity events are free to members of the Park City Institute. Individual annual memberships begin at $25. Call 435-655-3114 to buy or renew your membership, or buy a membership online.

Previous TEDxParkCity Events


Local high school and middle school students celebrated TEDYouthDay right here in Park City!  This year’s theme was “The Spark.” TEDxYouth@ParkCity took place at The Eccles Center (1750 Kearns Blvd.) on Monday, November 18, from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Focused on youth and “ideas worth sharing,” this conference included globally streamed “talks” from the New Orleans-based TEDxYouth event as well as local speakers and performers. The event was free; lunch and snacks included.  Participation in this event was an official excused absence for students of Park City High School and Treasure Mountain Middle School. Photos and video coming soon. ——–

TEDxParkCityChange 2013

This was the third consecutive year that Park City participated in TEDxChange with Melinda Gates hosting the live stream (this year from Seattle) with local Park City speakers on the Eccles Center stage. Seattle speakers included:

  • Host Melinda Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Along with Bill Gates, she shapes and approves the foundation’s strategies, reviews results, and sets the overall direction of the organization. Melinda will host TEDxChange from the Gates Foundation campus in Seattle, Washington.
  • Cathleen Kaveny, who will speak on religion, tradition and modernity, is an American legal scholar and theologian. She is a John P. Murphy Foundation Professor of Law and Theology at Notre Dame Law School, and is currently a visiting professor at Princeton University.
  • Halimatou Hima will speak to investing in girls and is a Masters in Public Policy candidate at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. Following an internship in the Women & Population Division at the United Nations Foundation, she worked in the Child Protection Division at the United Nations in her home country of Niger (UNICEF).
  • Roger Thurow, who will address shifts in agriculture, joined the Chicago Council in January 2010 after three decades at the Wall Street Journal. For 20 years, he was a foreign correspondent based in Europe and Africa.

The event also featured a trailer from the feature film Revolutionary Optimists about how children are saving lives in the slums of Calcutta. Two children from the film, Salim and Sikha, were in Seattle for some Q&A. Local speakers on the Eccles Center Stage were:

  • Poverty, Disaster Relief & International Health:  Fred Gottlieb, MD
  • Ute Creation Story:  Larry Cesspooch
  • A Young Pianist’s Heroes:  Nicole Chang

Click here to see videos of the live speakers at the TEDxParkCity YouTube Channel.   ——–

TEDxWomen – themed The Space Between – was hosted by Pat Mitchell and the Paley Center for Media in Washington, D.C., and live streamed to the global TEDx community.

This was the second edition of TEDxWomen – the first brought to the stage speakers such as Gloria Steinem, Dr. Oz and Jane Fonda and was viewed by 120 TEDx communities around the globe. The event was inspired by TEDWomen, which took place in 2010.

Live Park City speakers at TEDxParkCityWomen were:

The Particle Physicist Next Door –  Pearl Sandick Ms. Sandick is a theoretical physicist, studying particle physics beyond the Standard Model. She is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Utah. In this talk she proposes improving diversity in the physical sciences.

A Feminine Approach to Leadership -  J’Lein Liese, Ph.D. Ms. Liese is an international expert in leadership, diversity, change management and conflict resolution. In this talk she delves into conflict management with an approach of “digging into positions” to understand values. J’Lein Liese is a Senior Fellow at Oxford Leadership Academy.

I Just Want to Sing  -  Sophia Dion This talented 12-year-old singer/songwriter hopes to inspire girls to live their dreams.

Watch videos of our live speakers on the TEDxParkCity YouTube Channel.


TEDxParkCityChange 2012  - April 5 – Live from Berlin

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is a strategic partner of the TEDx program, and together we teamed up for a very special project called TEDxChange — an initiative devoted to ideas worth spreading in the areas of global health and development. The TEDxChange team works with TEDx organizers around the world to help facilitate meaningful discussions on topics such as vaccines, polio, malaria, HIV/AIDS, maternal and newborn child health, and agricultural development. The TEDxChange initiative also includes a global signature event convened by Melinda Gates and broadcast across the TEDx community.

Our local speakers Live at the Eccles Center:

We had the great honor of hearing from five very dynamic and powerful speakers. Click here for a photo gallery of the day.

    • Paul Johnston, Professor of Nutritional Sciences in the Department of Nutrition, Dietetics & Food Science at Brigham Young University
    • Dr. Nassir Marrouche, Executive Director of the Comprehensive Arrhythmia Research & Management Center (CARMA). He is also the Director of the Electrophysiology Lab, the Atrial Fibrillation Program at University of Utah Hospital
    • Mary Beth Maziarz,  professional songwriter, author, and creative workshop facilitator, who helps individuals and groups bring their creative ideas to life by tapping into unique forms of focus and inspiration
    • Donna McAleer, inspirational speaker addressing the topics of leadership, role models, team building and boundary breaking.
    • Lavinia Spaulding, award-winning food and travel writer, a journaling advocate, and a lapsed Luddite. Author of Writing Away: A Creative Guide to Awakening the Journal-Writing Traveler

 Watch videos of our live speakers on the TEDxParkCity YouTube Channel.


TEDxParkCityWomen – December 1, 2011

TEDxParkCityWomen joined 110 locations in the world watching and listening together. Click here to see a gallery of photos from TEDxParkCityWomen 2011. 

In December, 2010, the first-ever TEDxWomen conference (hosted by Pat Mitchell) took a curated look at women through the lens of change agent, intellectual innovator, and idea champion.

The conversation continued December 1, 2011, when TEDxWomen reunited these vibrant communities to hear leading-edge innovators and powerful ideas from women and girls—and a few men too.

The TEDxWomen stages in New York and Los Angeles were connected and the speaker sessions simulcast to both locations so that attendees could experience an extraordinary program of speakers from both coasts. The dialogue continued long after the conclusion of the conference, as the talks were released to the world online.

Park City was part of a global network of nearly 100 TEDxWomen locations, from Amman to Amsterdam, Bogota to Beijing, Cape Town to Columbus!

Speakers who were simulcast included Jane Fonda, Lamis Zein, the woman who heads an all-female bomb-disposal unit in Lebanon, the amazing singer-songwriter Morley, social-media maven Tiffany Shlain, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Vietnam refugee and tech entrepreneur Tan Le, and documentarian Jennifer Newsom.

Local speakers included Jason Kieffer, Wellness Coach & Chef; Jill Layfield, CEO of Backcountry.com; and Linda Galindo, international speaker/consultant, and author of The 85% Solution.

Lunch was included, and beverages and snacks were provided throughout the day.

The session themes were Resilience, Relationships, Rebirth, and Reimagine.

At TEDxParkCityWomen, we watched the live webcast of the Paley Center for Media mainstage events from 8:30 a.m. – 7 p.m., heard local speakers on a variety of women’s issues, and participated in our own dialogues.

To create the best environment for this all-day event, registration was limited to 300 members of Park City Performing Arts Foundation. Memberships begin at $25.

Please see below the roster of speakers:

Resilience: Host Pat Mitchell (live from NY)

1. Gayle Tzemach LemmonEconomic resilience of women…especially in post-conflict countries 2. Jill IscolChanging the world through social entrepreneurship 3. Tan Le (FROM LA) —Emotional & Entrepreneurial resilience of refugees 4. Gallup Global POLL & its meaningonstage interview, Pat asks Katie Bell explain Global Women’s Institute & live poll with 2 questions 5. Lamis ZeinLeader of Lebanese all-female bomb squad 6. Barbara WaltersHer professional and Personal resilience + rebound from failure (Interview with Pat) 7. Busisiwe MkhumbuziStarting the conversation: South African Girls, Reclaiming their country 8. Morley (PERFORMANCE)

Relationships: Host Trevor Nielson (Live from LA)

1. Shahira AminWomen’s relationship with power and the ongoing post-revolution struggles in the Middle East 2. Matt Petersen -The relationship between people and Mother Nature. Will tell his story of coming to care for the environment and women. 3. Laura Turner Seydel (FROM NY) – A future where the planet can sustain 7 billion people with natural resources running out. What is our plan; some ideas on what we should do. 4. Rachel Simmons + Claire Sannini (FROM NY) —Teaching Young Girls the Fourth ‘R”: Relationships 5. Jennifer Siebel Newsom (FROM NY) —Relationship between Image and Reality: Women & Media 6. Dr. Noel Bairey MerzRelationships to our hearts: keeping them healthy 7. PERFORMANCE + Talk: Alan & Marilyn Bergman

ReBirth: Host Jane Fonda (live from NY) Iyeoka Okoawo PERFORMANCE

1. Suzanne Braun LevineClimbing Out of the Void 2. Dr. Mehmet OzDiscovering Your Untapped Potential After a Health Scare 3. Dr. Laura Carstensen (FROM LA) – The Positivity of Aging 4. Mary Catherine BatesonHealthy longevity has created a new stage of life, Adulthood II 5. Dr. Michelle WarrenMyths of Menopause 6. Surprise Guest 7. Girl Up PERFORMANCE Girl UP PerformersDeanna Alexandra, Dominique Fishback, Monica Furman, Emily Rupp, Karen Vigo, Sophie Walker

ReImagine: Host Lisa Ling dinner in NYC Julia Easterlin PERFORMANCE

1. Dr. Piya SorcarTeachAIDS 2. Google girls (3) —(onstage together seated on stools) · Shree Bose(17-18 years) “AMPK and Cisplatin Resistance” – improve ovarian cancer treatment for patients when they’ve built up a resistance to certain chemotherapy drugs. · Naomi Shah (15-16 yrs.) “Air Pollution Impacts Lung Health of Asthma Patients” – making changes to indoor environments that improve air quality could reduce people’s reliance on asthma medications. · Lauren Hodge (13-14 yrs.) “Decreasing Carcinogens” - the effect of different marinades on the level of potentially harmful carcinogens in grilled chicken. 3. Shamila KohestaniAs Captain & Founder of the first female soccer team in Afghanistan, Shamila will talk about how soccer gave her freedom. 4. Home GirlsIvy Naverette and ShaynaWelcher 5. Gloria Steinem (interviewed by Salamishah Shah) (FROM NY) Reimagine a World with True Gender Equality 6. Tiffany ShlainThe hopefulness of our connected world.

Click here to see a gallery of photos from TEDxParkCityWomen 2011.


TEDxParkCityChange 2010 – September 20, 2010

For this inaugural TEDxParkCity event, the Mega-Genius Supply Store and IQ HQ was transformed into a live-stream and presentation space.
Presentations included:
  • Teri Orr,TEDxParkCity Organizer and Executive Director of the Park City Performing Arts Foundation, telling the true story of the Mega-Genius Supply Store and IQ HQ;
  • Park City Mayor Dana Williams, performing an original audience participation number;
  • Dr. John Hanrahan, one of the founders of Park City People’s Health Clinic and The Hope Alliance;
  • Hank Louis, founder of DesignBuildBLUFF;
  • and Lisa Needham, singer.
After the program, participants enjoyed lunch and discussion at Talisker on Main. A reception the prior evening at High West Distillery gave participants a chance to get acquainted.
A reception the prior evening at High West Distillery.
Please click here to see the wonderful photos from this inaugural TEDxParkCity event!
Watch videos of live speakers on the TEDxParkCity YouTube Channel .


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