The Mega-Genius Supply Store and IQ HQ

The first certified Mega Genius (Pulitzer Prize-nominated author and founder of 826 Valencia) Dave Eggers, visits our Mega-Genius Supply Store and IQ HQ free literacy tutoring center.

The Mega-Genius Supply Store and IQ HQ, a free one-on-one literacy-tutoring center opened for the 2013-14 school year to a throng of eager learners. Students of all grades are invited to drop in after school until 5:45 p.m., Monday through Thursday (and by appointment on Friday afternoons) for help with homework and to engage in critical thinking through joint projects and workshops. Although it is a literacy-focused program, the Mega Genius tutoring center is willing and wanting to assist in other subjects of study as well.

Located at 435 Swede Alley in Old Town Park City, the tutoring center is fronted by a quirky must-see retail shop (“Does this t-shirt make my brain look big?”). The retail store is open Monday through Friday from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The Mega-Genius Supply Store and IQ HQ
 is a brainy project of the Park City Performing Arts Foundation and is based on the 826 Valencia tutoring model established by award-winning author Dave Eggers. For further information on the 826 National programs launched in eight cities, go to

For more information on Park City Performing Arts Foundation, please visit

In the tradition of the wildly successful Pirate Supply Store in San Francisco, Park City is now home to The Mega Genius Supply Store and IQ HQ. Based on the model of Pulitzer Prize-nominated author, Dave Eggers’ 826 Valencia program, (as profiled in his
2008 TED prize) we created a retail store and tutoring center to help students in the specific area of literacy.

The IQ HQ is open four days a week, after school, with tutors available for up to 20 students. Our program focuses on ages 9-15, an age group that easily slips through a variety of cracks.

Eventually, publications by students will be products sold in the store, including screenplays, comic strips, short films, short stories and poetry collections. Readings, signings and other public events will highlight these collections.

Dave Eggers points out that 35-40 hours per year of one-on-one tutoring improves comprehension and skills a full grade level. Another education icon, Sir Ken Robinson, speaks to the point that creativity is as important as literacy. This project masterfully combines the two, offering students a safe and creative place, without the pressures of a school environment to explore, learn and create.

Call Jaimie Atlas at 435-655-8252 or call the Mega-Genius Supply Store and IQ HQ at (435) 655-6216 for information student drop-ins, or about becoming a volunteer.



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